About US

About US

Drivers Package is an individual website that publishes software including drivers and firmware for users of printer products.

We do not and never change any software that is not ours and all that is available here is wholly owner by each provider. Also, drivers support is just the name using for the domain and this is not a particular company or organization.

We have absolutely nothing to do with any company, we write and share what we feel is important and necessary to facilitate user throughout the world.


primary goal is to give the best software users – without spyware or viruses. We chose software, still offering the latest version. We continue to strive to ensure fast software and server quality.

Submission Software

We do not accept software submissions from publishers. We analyze and select popular software to add, guarantee quality levels and updates.


The pages are optimized for better browsing and easly download. All the software through our careful inspection, 100% without spyware and virus.

Our website is dedicated to windows opertaing system drivers for all types of devices. Here, in our database, you can find manufacturers such as canon, samsung, microsoft, HP (hewleet packard), realtek and many others.

By using the search bar on our website, you can easily find new updates for your monitor, laptop, printer or desktop computer.

We try every day to update for driver base and we always add file for new devices and replace outdated driver versions with fresh ones.

If you have any questions or concerns about use the sites or filling it in, leave a comment on any article.

All product names, logos, copyright, and trademark mentioned are acknowledged as the registered intellectual property of their respective owner.

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