How to Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver

We will explain the installation of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Intel Rapid Storage Technology has added supported for next generation PCIe storage devices with transfer speed up to 1 GB/s that max storage performance and improves response time for everyday usages like photo editing, video loading, or office productivity.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology provides functionality for the Intel Storage Controllers and improves Serial ATA (SATA) disk performance with Native Command Queuing.

This package is provided for supported computer models using supported operating systems.

Intel Smart Response Technology is a feature of Intel Rapid Storage Technology that detects and saves your most frequently used apps and data on a high-performance SSD while providing you full access to a hard disk drive’s vast storage space (HDD).

This permits the use of a low-cost, small-capacity SSD alongside a high-capacity HDD. Intel Smart Response Technology allows your system to outperform a system with simply a hard disk drive.

Type: driver
Latest vers. Rev.A

Provides the microsoft WHQL certified supported driver for Windows 10 v2004 / v2009 / v21H1 / and v21H2.

Operating system ≡
Microsoft windows 11, 11 [vers.21H2 x64-bit], 10 [vers.20H2 x64-bit], 10 [vers.1809 x64-bit], 10 [vers.1903 x64-bit], 10 [vers.1909 x64-bit], 10 [vers.2004 x64-bit], 10 [vers.21H1 x64-bit], 10 [vers.21H2 x64-bit].

Installer procedure Ξ

1. Please download the files by click the Download or obtain software button and save the files to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saving).

2. Now, Double-click the downloaded files and follow the on screen instructions to unpack the files to “” C:\SWSETUP\SP135876 “” or another directory of your options.

3. Run the setup program from the directory that contains the unpacked files. Enter “-?” on the command line to list the command line options for the setup program.

4. After double-clicking the downloaded files, select This program installing correctly on the Program Compatibility Assistant screen.

This message is provided by the protection mechanism of microsoft windows operating system.

SSHDs are also supported by Intel Smart Response Technology. An SSHD is a new type of hard drive with a high-performance SSD integrated in.

Intel Smart Response Technology improves SSHD performance by alerting the drive which data is most frequently used so that it may store it in the built-in SSD.

Without spending extra for a bigger SSD to store your complete digital collection, you can create, work, and play quicker than ever before.

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